Landscapes  & More

Living on the prairie, I'll admit, I like to paint grain elevators. However, we are also close to the mountains so they are a popular subject as well. Horses? I love painting horses in different variations. I know the usual saying is "paint what you know and keep to it" but I feel that is too constrictive. I mean, really, when have I listened to what people tell me? I like to think of it as "paint what you want and your spirit will come through."  That's definitely more in alignment with who I am. So below you will see different paintings, different styles and I've loved painting every single one of them. Each of them have a special memory, a reason why I painted it and makes me happy. Please connect with me if you have any questions, or would like to chat about a painting. 

As for the "more" on this page, you can see I'm doing something completely different from my landscape paintings. I'm having fun! I'm using palette knives more, and just loving the freedom that's coming forth. Let me know what you think!

Man's Best Friend
You're in Grizzly Country Now
Shade Under the Tree
The Image in the Mirror
Be Soulful
Little Diva
What Canada Means To Me
The Orange Door
Unknown Future
Cat Lady
Best Friends
Beyond the Edge
Road to the Sun
I Heart Alberta
Milk River
Red Grain Elevator
Break on the Ski Hill
Eskilstuna, Sweden
Confused Trooper
Stop for a Drink
Jasper, AB
Winter Prairie
Red House